Morinaga, Menchie’s Team On Two Hi-Chew Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Hi-Chew-Menchie's 2

Irvine, CA — Moringaga America, Inc. is partnering with Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt for limited-edition Hi-Chew mango and passion fruit frozen yogurt, the candymaker reports. This marks the second collaboration between the two companies, as they released Hi-Chew dragon fruit frozen yogurt in 2019.

The chewy candy-inspired yogurts are available as single flavors or im a swirled version blending the fruit flavors together to mimic Hi-Chew Tropical Smoothie candies, which debuted earlier this year as part of the candymaker’s Fruit Combos mix.

“The idea of layering two flavors together to create something new was integral to the development of Hi-Chew Tropical Smoothie, and seeing the product brought to life in an unexpected way is exciting for us,” says Tatsuya Takamiya, Morinaga America CMO. “We’re thrilled that consumers can enjoy the true-to-fruit taste of Hi-Chew through these frozen yogurt flavors while celebrating the innovative dual layers of the Tropical Smoothie chewlet.”