Mother’s Cookies, #IMOMSOHARD Partner For “World’s Funnest Mothers” Sweepstakes


Chicago — Ferrara Candy Co., Inc.’s Mother’s Cookies brand has partnered with comedic duo Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley from #IMOMSOHARD for a “World’s Funnest Mothers” Sweepstakes.

Starting May 16 and running through June 26, moms can enter for a chance to win a $25,000 fully customizable “World’s Funnest Family Vacation.” Additionally, 60 moms will win a “World’s Funnest Summer Kit,” which includes a summer’s supply of Mother’s Cookies along with games and other outdoor activities.

“The end of school is one of our favorite times of the year and we know there are a lot of moms who feel the same and go the extra mile to make sure kids have the best summer ever,” Hensley says.

According to a survey released by Ferrara, 58 percent of moms feel pressure during the summer months. This study consisted of 2,000 moms with children ages five to 12 and found that 67 percent of them believe it is important to enjoy the summer yet 62 percent said they have run out of ideas to keep their kids entertained. Additionally, 35 percent of moms are looking forward to having fun with their kids, which reinforces that quality time is a key focus for moms as they look to make the most out of summer.

“Being a fun mom isn’t always about grand gestures,” Smedley adds. “It’s really just all about letting kids be kids, and joining in on those moments when you can.”

Consumers can enter the contest by posting an Instagram picture or reel of their best fun mom idea. Each post must include hashtags #WorldsFunnestMothers and #Sweeps, and tag @MothersCookiesUS.