National Candy Month Kicks Off Summer For Retailers, Consumers


Washington — There is no better way to kick off the summer than by embracing June as National Candy Month, reports NCA, which established the month-long celebration in 2020.

Major retail activation of National Candy Month started in 2020 with just 570 stores and by 2022 more than 50,000 stores were participating with summer promotions that showcased the fun and unique nature of chocolate and candy. This year, the trend continues as the NCA estimates more than 60,000 retail locations will be setting up special displays, offering summer exclusive deals and promoting the category’s fifth season.

In a statement, the association says: “Chocolate and candy enhance summertime traditions and experiences, like going to the beach, embarking on a road trip, going camping, or enjoying an outdoor concert. These activities are all a fun part of the summer season.”

“Chocolate and candy have the uncanny ability to make ordinary summer days extraordinary by elevating shared experiences with friends and family,” says John Downs, NCA president & CEO. “As we celebrate the special role that these treats play in our lives this June, we also want to highlight the tens of thousands of people who work in our industry every day, creating the magic of chocolate and candy.”

A recent nationwide NCA poll of consumers found the following favorite flavors and types of summer treats:

Top 3 Treats

1. Chocolate (S’mores anyone?)

2. Gummi candy

3. Salt water taffy

Top 3 Flavors

1. Watermelon

2. Cherry

3. Strawberry

To learn more about National Candy Month, visit for fun facts, tips for managing sugar intake and plenty of ideas and inspiration for how to celebrate this June and all summer long.