Nature’s Bakery Helps Families Transition Back To School


Reno, NV — Nature’s Bakery, LLC is launching Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition, free at-home kits aimed to increase family bonding and recreate the in-person school field trip experience. Last year, as a way to support families, Nature’s Bakery created Snack Sized Adventures, a microsite that generates activities for tech-free fun. In its next iteration, the company is bringing educational hands-on activities and snacks to families’ doorsteps, by offering parents and teachers the opportunity to sign up for free curated kits.

Each Jurassic-themed excursion kit is packed with all the supplies needed to bring a dinosaur museum a home or classroom. The kits are limited and consumers can visit to sign up for a chance to obtain an exclusive box or nominate someone else. 

“As families and teachers adapt and prepare to return to in-person learning, we want to ensure as many children as possible partake in the educational magic that happens outside the classroom,” states Vilma Livas, CMO at Nature’s Bakery. “This campaign is designed to inspire learning by bringing the field trip experience to them, encouraging kids to find adventures just about anywhere, whether that be in the living room or in the classroom.”  

With the pandemic leading to increased screen time and challenging kids to adapt to new hybrid learning models, many of them are missing in-person school activities, such as science fairs and show-and-tell, the company says.

In a recent nationwide survey that found 72 percent of parents are finding it find it more difficult to plan kid’s activities since the pandemic the program is aimed at eliminating parents’ concern to come up with engaging activities and inspires kids to listen, explore, touch and feel within different experiences to gain a better understanding about a variety of subjects.

Nature’s Bakery has enlisted actor, writer and father James Van Der Beek to encourage families to find more screen-free activities for children and the importance of family bonding. “‘What on earth should we do with our kids?’ is a question every parent has had to answer, this past year perhaps more than any other, and as a father, I know first-hand the value of a fun family activity that keeps kids active and engaged,” says Van Der Beek.

“Having a resource like the Snack Sized Adventures microsite is a great way to help parents get their kids off screens and into a fun educational activity this back-to-school season. When Nature’s Bakery came to me with the concept of these kits that offer on-the-go field trip experiences for kids, I knew it was something I wanted to share with families looking for new ideas to keep their children active and focused outside the classroom.”

Recipients of the Snack Sized Adventures: Field Trip Edition kits will be selected every week until supplies last.