Nature’s Garden Gets Updated Packs, Slogan

Totowa, NJ — Cibo Vita Inc. is marking its 10th anniversary with new packaging and slogan, “Powered By Plants,” for its Nature’s Garden line, according to the company.

The new packaging features a modern logo and bold face type, which replace the more pastoral feel of the previous packs, according to Cibo Vita. Nature’s Garden packaging will continue to use the same color scheme for each SKU to maintain consumer recognition.

The brand’s trail mix offerings were the first to feature the updated packaging, as mixes are a foundational product of Nature’s Garden, the company reports.

“Our products are made from natural ingredients that reward the body through functionality,” says Emre Imamoglu, president and co-founder of Cibo Vita. “We wanted our packaging to reflect this. The new design and photography allow us to showcase different varieties of products clearly, while focusing on the aesthetically pleasing naturalness of our ingredients.”