NCA Forecasts 2024 Easter Season Will Generate $5B In Confectionery Sales


Washington — Confectionery sales for the Easter season will surpass $5 billion, with 92 percent of Americans who observe the holiday including chocolate and candy in their celebrations, according to NCA. The association’s research also found that 85 percent of people who make Easter baskets include seasonal candy and chocolate.

“The Easter season signals the start of spring and is a perfect showcase of the continued excitement consumers have for incorporating chocolate and candy into their special occasions,” says NCA President and CEO John Downs. “No matter what treats they prefer, Americans can agree that every celebration is sweeter with chocolate and candy.”

The survey also asked consumers to name their favorite Easter candies, which include chocolate eggs and bunnies, jelly beans, candy-coated eggs, and marshmallow candy.

When queried on how they eat their chocolate Easter bunnies, 78 percent of respondents start with the ears, 16 percent eat the feet first, and just 6 percent begin with the tail. In addition, they offered insights on their favorite types of chocolate eggs, with 42 percent of those surveyed reaching for solid chocolate eggs, 35 percent looking for a filling on their first bite, and 23 percent of Americans are happiest with a hollow treat.

To help consumers navigate the Easter season, NCA provides a set of resources, tips for treating, fun facts, and more at