NCA Releases New Data On Confectionery Shopper Behavior During COVID-19


Washington — NCA has released the second report in its three-part insights-driven series that explores the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and seasonal and everyday confectionery sales. The report, titled “Confectionery Sales Amid COVID-19: 2020” focuses on the impact of the pandemic and the new buying behaviors that have emerged as a result.

“With this report, we’re delivering the information that’s essential to today’s ever-shifting retail environment during the COVID-19 pandemic,” NCA President & CEO John Downs says. “The data provided in this report is tailored specifically to confectionery manufacturers and retailers looking to develop best practices for this new retail landscape and get a grasp of some of the larger behavioral shifts resulting from the pandemic.”

The report pulls from shopper survey data and recent sales data, looking into the rationale behind changes in shopper behavior, including the centralization of shopper spending in the grocery channel, the increase in chocolate and candy sales during the pandemic and the rapid rise of ecommerce.

NCA member companies, Sweets & Snacks On Demand participants and select retail partners can download the full report at An executive summary is also available.