NCA: Premium Chocolate Sales Up 12.5% In Past 5 Months

Washington, DC — New NCA data shows sales of chocolate and candy have increased during the pandemic. Consumers appreciate and value chocolate and candy during these uncertain times because of their uncanny ability to boost moods and lighten perspectives, according to the Association.

The Association reports overall sales of chocolate and candy have increased 3.8 percent with chocolate sales rising 5.5 percent and premium chocolate gaining 12.5 percent, outpacing the rest of the category. The data is based on NCA analysis of sales performance from March 15 to August 9, 2020.

The study also found that the grocery channel has become a key driver for chocolate and candy sales growth as consumer behaviors continue to evolve and more people are focusing most of their shop trips to grocery stores. In the grocery channel alone, the data indicates chocolate and candy sales are up 16.6 percent with chocolate gaining 17.9 percent, premium chocolate up 21.4 percent and non-chocolate sales rising 13.5 percent.

The Association goes on to point out: “With the Halloween season around the corner, there is no doubt that people have questions about what to expect.” To address consumers’ questions and offer ideas for creative ways to celebrate, NCA has updated its There will be regional differences across the country in terms of how people choose to celebrate the Halloween season during the month of October, the Association notes, but adds “Halloween is happening.”