Nerds Take Centerstage In 2021 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

Unwrapped Nerds candy

Chicago — Ferrara Candy Co., Inc.’s Nerds brand is at the center of the 2021 Rube Goldberg Machine contest, which asks teams of students to design complex machines that perform simple tasks. This year’s goal is to create a machine that shakes and pours a box of Nerds.

Ferrara Rube Goldberg Logo

“With the ‘Shake & Pour a Box of Nerds’ challenge, Nerds aims to fuel the innovative spirit in all of us by bringing student inventors together with an exciting, STEM-inspired activity,” says Kelly Peyser, Nerds senior brand manager. “We’re thrilled to partner with Rube Goldberg and encourage students nationwide to embrace and celebrate their nerdiness together while building the next generation of iconic Rube Goldberg Machines.”

As part of the collaboration, Ferrara is sponsoring 100 teams, up to 1,400 student/family groups, the candymaker reports. Registration for the contest is now open, and enrollment materials and more details are available at

“We are so excited to partner with Nerds candy as the task sponsor for this year’s Rube Goldberg Machine contest,” says Jennifer George, the legacy director of Rube Goldberg, Inc., the not-for-profit that bears her grandfather’s name. “The task for 2021 to ‘Shake & Pour a Box of Nerds’ is perhaps the most fun, colorful, kid-centric, and tasty task we’ve had in our 33 years of competition. We can’t wait to see what student and family builders come up with!”

The deadline for the contest is March 31, 2021, and the winning team will be announced in April 2021. Winning teams will receive a trophy, Rube Goldberg merchandise, and a $250 award plus a matching donation to the winner’s favorite charity, Ferrara reports.