New Bahlsen Heritage Brand Showcases History, Mission

New York, NY — Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG launches a new brand world and mission statement commemorating its heritage, history and love for design. The company says the new look and feel pays homage to the family-run company’s past, while offering a new and youthful look into the future.

This new marketing direction and brand world serves as a catalyst for Bahlsen’s new mission and brand manifesto, which it says encompasses a focus on sustainability, art and purpose. The products are expected to hit shelves this month.

Verena Bahlsen, great granddaughter of company founder Hermann Bahlsen, worked closely with the newly appointed and first non-Bahlsen CEO Phil Rumbol on the new brand vision. The company says the core of the rebrand was built around the German word and sentiment of ‘Selbstverstandnis’ or self-understanding — why are we here and what are we doing.

“We have spent the last several years/months rethinking who Bahlsen is as a company; what are we rooted in and where are we going,” says Sonja van Daelen, head of marketing for Bahlsen North America. “As a heritage brand we wanted to commemorate our history and love for design, art and innovation. I truly believe this new packaging, brand world and company mission exemplifies every facet of the brand.”

The new direction is expressed by a modern new pack design that places the biscuits as works of art designed to appeal to a broad consumer base, nurturing existing customers while also helping new ones discover the brand.

“Bringing this new vision to life renews our brand’s commitment to art, beauty and craftsmanship,” confirms van Daelen. “We’re excited to introduce a whole new look to our loyal and existing customers while drawing in new members to our family who are just discovering the brand.”

The relaunch is supported by media investment across digital, print and social media supported by shopper activations and programming in-store and online, which will be rolled out during the second half of 2021.