New Barry Callebaut Chocolate Range Is Formulated For North American Tastes

Chicago — Belgian chocolate and cocoa supplier Barry Callebaut is launching Accent, a range of chocolate solutions for North American confectioners.

The range of six chocolates — Accent White, Accent Light Milk, Accent Milk, Accent High Cacao Milk, Accent Dark, and Accent High Cacao Dark — includes two classic milk chocolates that use European-style crumb for a traditional American flavor, while the high cacao chocolates bring more contemporary taste profiles to the range, according to the company. Together chocolates are crafted to be used in a variety of applications, including panning, thin to thick enrobing, solid moulding and hollow moulding, Barry Callebaut explains.

“We have worked relentlessly to craft a range of chocolates that deliver distinct flavors that American consumers will love,” says Laura Bergan, director, Barry Callebaut brand. “We understand the high standards of passionate confectioners, so we have committed to ensure that we deliver on five promises with each batch that is produced in our factories.”

The five promises are: 1) Select Quality Ingredients, to consistently deliver the most refined flavors; 2) Distinct Flavor Profiles, designed from sensory profiling; 3) Same Taste Every Time, through our guaranteed sensory testing with each batch; 4) Designed for Confectioners, to meet their specific performance standards; 5) Sustainable Cocoa, sourced from the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation, according to the company, aims to be deforestation free and carbon neutral, eradicate child labor from the supply chain, and help farmers out of poverty by 2025. Any finished product made using 100% chocolate from the Accent range can use the Cocoa Horizons logo on pack, and claim “sustainably sourced cocoa” and “supports cocoa farmers,” Barry Callebaut explains.

“We know confectioners in the United States and Canada have a strong heritage and many years of service in their communities, especially those that are family-owned and have been passed down through the generations,” says Brooke Smith, business development manager, sustainability. “Now they have the opportunity to extend that tradition of caring for the community to the farmers that grow the cocoa in their chocolate. With Cocoa Horizons, confectioners can communicate their support for cocoa farmers and sustainable sourcing to their employees and loyal customers.”

Barry Callebaut notes its staff available to work with customers, offering concepts, ideation and technical expertise.