Oreo Brand Encourages “Offering” Cookies To UFOs

East Hanover, NJ — On a mission to bring all life forms together and treat them to Earth’s favorite cookie, Mondelez International, Inc. is making an “Offering” of its Oreo Double Stuf cookies to welcome UFOs, and is encouraging consumers to get in on the fun.

“For over 109 years, Oreo has brought people on earth together by inspiring moments of connection,” says Olympia Portale, senior brand manager for the brand. “Now, the brand is extending its playful personality across the universe to enable all possible life forms to come together over an Oreo cookie.”

The company’s promotion comes on the heels of recent news coverage stating UFOs have been spotted. So it is encouraging all Americans to make a peaceful offering with their favorite cookies to share with all walks of life.

Alien or otherwise, Oreo encourages all to get in on the playful spirit.