1908 Relaunching Classic Ferrara Pan Brands

1908 Candy Co. is reintroducing classic chewy candy brands Alexander the Grape, Mr. Melon, Cherry Clan and Johnny Apple Treats after 20 years off the market, according to Lou Pagano II, general manager and a fourth-generation candymaker.

Pagano2 1908 Relaunch
Although they were initially released decades ago, 1908 Candy Co.’s relaunched classic brands hit two of the industry’s hottest current trends, chewy and sour, according to Lou Pagano II, general manager.

“We saw the nostalgic movement happen within every category, from beverages to shoes, and knew these would be a perfect fit,” he tells Candy & Snack TODAY. “The line also fits into what is really on trend in the category; chewy and sours.”

To bring the dormant Ferrara Pan brands back to life, 1908 conducted extensive testing with consumers, while Pagano turned to family members and past employees to ensure the formulation and flavors were true to the originals.

While the candy is true to its roots, Pagano notes they are working to make the line even better, with more intense flavor in the shell and center.

In addition to classic theater and changemaker boxes, the company is moving the nostalgia brands into modern standup packs. The fruit-flavored, panned items come in seven-ounce bags, which have a SRP of $1.99 and ship in 12-ct cases.