Bazooka Candy Brands Introduces 2023 Easter Line


Bazooka Candy Brands, a division of the Bazooka Cos., Inc., has revealed its Easter line for the 2023 season.

Included are three-ct bags of Easter Ring Pops. Each package includes strawberry, blue raspberry and watermelon varieties and carries an SRP of $1 per bag.

Also available are Spring Mix Variety Eggs. The egg-shaped containers each hold one Ring Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, Push Pop and Juicy Drop Pop. Flavors include Knockout Punch, strawberry and blue raspberry. Packs have an SRP of $3.34.

Easter Ring Pop Bunnies and Chicks Pops are new for the season. The 36-ct box holds bunny and chick shaped Ring Pops in four flavors: strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon and grape. Each individual pop has an SRP of $1.00.

Juicy Drop Gummies Easter eggs include two full size pouches of gummies in either Knockout Punch or Blue Rebel flavors and carry an SRP of $4.

Push Pops and Baby Bottle Pops are available with Easter-themed graphics on the packaging. Each candy has an SRP of $1. The Baby Bottle Pops come with an “Easter Bunny Funny” joke inside.

Each 40-ct Easter Ring Pop Egg Filler boxes features a game and puzzle printed on the inside. Featuring three flavors of Ring Pops —strawberry, blue raspberry and watermelon — the box has an SRP of $10.98.