Boulder Canyon Thin & Crispy Chips Are Cooked In Avocado Oil


Utz Brands, Inc.’s Boulder Canyon brand is debuting Thin & Crispy chips cooked in avocado oil, according to the company.

Featuring a buttery flavor and extra-crispy bite, the chips are available in classic sea salt and cheddar sour cream varieties.

“As a trailblazer in better-for-you snacking, Boulder Canyon looks to the great outdoors for inspiration. We seek paths that will take us to new taste adventures and to snacks you can feel good about. We’re thrilled to share something so new and refreshing with our loyal fans and adventure snackers alike,” says Mickey Burnett, vice-president, marketing craft & BFY brands at Utz.

Available in six-ounce bags, the new chips have a SRP of $3.49 and ship 12 packs per case.