CandyRific Extends M&M’s Novelty Line

Louisville, KY — M&M’s licensed zipper tins, flashlights, tube and bladeless fan units, and character and compact cases are being introduced by CandyRific, LLC. Each item holds 0.46-ounce packs of candy.

Tube and bladeless fans produce a burst of fanned air when a button is pushed. Shipping six, 12-ct displays per case, tubes have a SRP of $4.99, while bladeless fans have a SRP of $5.99.

Featuring Blue, Red and Yellow, character cases are approximately four inches tall and feature a loop to hang from a chain or string. Character cases have a SRP of $2.99 and ship four, eight-ct displays per case.

Compact cases feature Green, Red, Blue and Yellow and have a SRP of $1.99. They ship eight, 12-ct displays per case.

M&M's Zipper Tins

Available in Red, Yellow and Blue, the top portion of the new M&M’s flashlights slide up to illuminate the characters. With a SRP of $4.99, they ship six, 12-ct displays per case.

Zipper tins, which are approximately 1.88 inches deep, 3.38 inches wide and 2.5 inches high feature characters Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red and have a SRP of $2.99. They ship six, 12-ct displays per case.