Compartés Chocolate Bars Feature Vegan, Organic Ingredients

ENERGY PanthersLos Angeles —  Organic Vegan Superfood chocolate bars are new from Compartés, and come in eight varieties that each offer wellness benefits, according to the company.

Available in Pure, Energy, Endurance, Pro-Power, Detox, Superfood, Beauty and Healing, the line features functional and organic ingredients in “harmonious combinations that are powerful boosters of benefits and allow you to really enjoy every single bite of the bar,” according to Jonathan Grahm, Compartés CEO and owner.DETOX Fronds

The three-ounces bars, which have a SRP of $9.95, come in packaging that was hand drawn and designed by Grahm, according to the company.

“Our goal was to create a collection that would not only taste delicious, but help nourish and elevate one’s body, mind, beauty, consciousness, stamina and spirit. By adding amazing nutritional and plant-based ingredients, this is a completely new and much-welcomed take on chocolate — turning an everyday indulgence into a functional food,” Grahm says. “At Compartés, our process is unique — hand poured, hand scooped, and made with love. Each chocolate bar is crafted into an individual work of art, hand studded with ingredients and full of nutritional benefits.”