Core Foods Launches Two Lines Of Functional Snacks


Core Foods is launching two new lines of function snacks including Oat Bars + Adaptogens and Chocolate Truffles.

The bars are available in three flavors: dark chocolate walnut, salted caramel cashew and hazelnut mocha chip. According to the company, each bar contains a blend of of Reishi and lion’s mane mushroom, which can help support the nervous system.

“At Core Foods, we’re always seeking to deliver innovation that gives the consumer what they’re looking for, so the decision to create Adaptogen-powered products was a no-brainer for us,” says Brett Hartmann, CEO of Core Foods.

Crafted with sugar-free dark chocolate and functional ingredients, the truffles contain less than one gram of sugar and are available in dark chocolate with sprinkles, peanut butter chocolate with protein and matcha coconut chocolate flavors.

“With consumers continuing to seek out dessert-like snacks with low-sugar that actually taste good, we are excited to share our unique Truffles that give the consumers that low sugar sweet treat they want plus added benefits with functional ingredients,” Hartmann adds.