Diamond Foods Introduces Snack Walnut Line

Stockton, CA — Diamond Foods, LLC is introducing a Diamond of California brand snack walnuts line featuring eight flavors, according to the company.

The walnuts come in hot honey, Himalayan pink salt, teriyaki & wasabi, salted dark chocolate, hickory smoked bacon, chile lime, cinnamon churro and sweet maple, which is “unique to Walmart,” according to the company.

The ready-to-eat snacks come in four-ounce bags, which have a SRP of $3.99.

“Diamond of California has been a trusted provider of specialty nut products for at-home bakers and cooks for the last century, but over the years we have learned that our nuts are also being consumed as snacks on their own,” says Craig Tokusato, Diamond of California CMO. “This inspired and challenged us to open our own recipe books and provide better for you ready-to-eat snacks compared to many of today’s alternatives, which often take nutritious nuts but load them up with sodium, processed sugars, and unrecognizable ingredients.”