Easter Collection Debuts From Dylan’s Candy Bar


Influenced by company founder Dylan Lauren’s love for rabbits, limited-edition Dylan’s Candy Bar Easter offerings are now available.

Highlights from the collection include Metallic Surprise Easter Egg Cartons filled with 12 individually wrapped rainbow eggs that contain a variety of candies. The cartons have an SRP of $32. Also available, the Rabbit-rific Tackle Box is specially curated with brightly colored, rabbit-themed candies and has an SRP of $30.

Every Spring Has Sprung Paint Can is filled with a selection of spring-themed sweets. Each paint can-shaped pack has an SRP of $18. Dessert Squares Gift Packs contain 18 chocolate squares and have an SRP of $24.

The Bunny’s Easter Basket is available in either chocolate or vanilla and contains a mix of confections as well as a plush toy. Each basket has an SRP of $125. The Indulgent Easter Gift Basket is filled with a festive mix of signature Dylan’s Candy Bar accessories and desserts and has an SRP of $250.

Each Easter Surprise BashEgg comes with a mallet to smash the milk chocolate egg to reveal treats inside. The eggs carry an SRP of $60.