Ferrara Adds Brach’s Funfetti, Wintergreen Candy Canes


Ferrara Candy Co., Inc. offers traditional and innovative candy canes. New to the portfolio for 2021 are Brach’s brand Funfetti and Wintergreen Candy Canes.

  • Funfetti Candy Canes are nestled in wrappers with the vibrant iconic dots and feature rainbow sprinkles inside each cane.
  • Wintergreen Candy Canes offer a twist on traditional peppermint canes. Featuring a palate-cooling wintergreen flavor and striped, mint-green coloring, they complement traditional peppermint canes.

“Candy canes are as synonymous with the holidays as sleigh bells and holly,” says Katie Duffy, vice-president and general manager, seasonal, at Ferrara. “We love delivering fun and delicious twists on the red-and-white peppermint staple year after year. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited for candy cane fans of all ages to get their hands on our new Funfetti and Wintergreen options this holiday season.”

Ferrara reports it sold nearly 14 million pounds of candy canes in 2020, which accounts for more than half of candy canes sold in the market.

The company notes the following cane items are also returning: Red & White Candy Canes, Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes and SweeTarts Candy Canes.