Ferrero Highlights Cookie Brands


Ferrero North America is debuting two seasonal versions under its Mother’s Cookies brand. Limited Batch Reindeer Games Cookies feature the brand’s shortbread cookies in seasonal shapes coated in green and white frosting and dotted with red, green and white sprinkles.

Standup reclosable bags have illustrations of the cookies, along with snowflakes and winter scenery. Limited Batch Springtime Buddies Cookies come in the shapes of ducks, bunnies, chicks and butterflies and are coated in white and yellow icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Packaging includes spring flowers and images of the cookies. Both items are available in nine-ounce reclosable standup bags that have an SRP of $4.80.

Royal Dansk Danish Cookies are now available in boxes for both everyday and holiday sets. Each everyday box includes the brand’s iconic pretzel, vanilla ring, coconut and country-style cookies. Holiday boxes include rings, hot chocolate trees, salted caramel bells and brown sugar star cookies.

Both boxes feature the brand logo and images of the cookies. Each 5.64-ounce box holds two foil-wrapped trays and has an SRP of $3.49.

The company is also expanding its Keebler brand with the launch of Chips Deluxe Fudgy, made with sweet chocolatey chips and chunks of fudge. Tray packs have an image of the brand elf mascot and hold 9.6 ounces of cookies and carry an SRP of $4.80.