Ford Gum & Machine Expands Jelly Belly, Big League Chew Lines


Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc. is offering Jelly Belly licensed sugarfree gum in flavors that match the brand’s jelly beans. Each plastic to-go jar holds 55 pieces of Berry Blue and watermelon gum. The lids on the 2.6-ounce containers have two openings, one for individual use and one for sharing. They ship in six-ct cases and carry an SRP of $3.29. 

Big League Chew Slammin’ Strawberry is strawberry-flavored shredded bubble gum. Each 2.12 ounce red reclosable package features a female softball player. Each pouch carries an SRP of $1.49 and ships in 12-ct display boxes. 

The company is also offering Big League Chew gumballs in 55-piece jars. Each 3.8-ounce container holds Big League Chew Outta Here Original-flavored gumballs and carries an SRP of $2.99. They ship six six-ct displays per case.