Ford Gum Reimagines Big League Chew Graphics


Ford Gum has revealed an update of its Big League Chew pack graphics described as “a playful, modern spin on an iconic package.”

The brand’s refreshed graphics introduce an expanded roster of ballplayers while paying homage to its retro look and feel.

“Our goal in re-designing the packaging graphics wasn’t to re-invent the brand, but instead to ensure that Big League Chew resonates with the new generation of ballplayers chasing their big league dreams,” says Ford Gum CEO Scott Lerner. “The new character lineup aligns Big League Chew more closely with today’s diverse baseball landscape. We are thrilled to roll out new packaging that better reflects our consumers, their values and the athletes that inspire them.”

With the exception of Outta’ Here Original, each of the Big League Chew flavors will now feature up to three unique player illustrations. The company says the baseball and softball players represent a more modern and energetic Big League Chew lineup, all while respecting the brand’s history and classic style. The new graphics also call out the brand’s status as the Official Bubble Gum of USA Baseball, a partnership announced earlier this year.

The refreshed Big League Chew pouches will begin hitting shelves next year, with updated graphics becoming available at retail stores during Q1 2024.