Frankford Candy, Lunchables Introduce Gummi Treats


Frankford Candy LLC is teaming up with Kraft Heinz Co. to launch Gummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers and Gummy Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kit, a fruit-flavored reimagination of the original Lunchables products.

The 6.2-ounce package of Gummy Cracker Stackers features eight gummi crackers and two “slices” each of gummy pepperoni, ham, Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese — enough to build four cracker stacker sandwiches.

The Pepperoni Pizza Kit comes in a shareable 6.3-ounce package. Each kit includes three gummi pizza crusts, 12 gummi mozzarella cheese shreds, 15 gummi pepperoni slices and one liquid pizza sauce packet.

Both varieties have an SRP of $5.

“Lunchables is committed to fueling kids’ creativity and inspiring them to explore the limits of their imaginations,” says Samantha Mills, associate director of brand communications, Lunchables. “The new Gummy Lunchables provide families a completely new way to imagine, build and share together. At Lunchables, we believe playing with food is something to be celebrated, and there’s no pairing more fun than gummy candy and everyone’s favorite buildable snack.”

The Lunchables join a growing lineup of other Kraft Heinz gummi treats, each of which comes in packaging that resembles the real product, including: Kraft Mac & Cheese Gummies, Oscar Mayer Gummy Hot Dogs and Oscar Mayer Gummy Bacon.