Fruit Hi-Chews Combine To Create Smoothie, Colada Flavors

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Featuring two flavors that combined into one “fruit-forward experience” as the pieces are chewed, Morinaga America, Inc. is debuting Hi-Chew Fruit Combo Mix.

The initial offerings are Tropical Smoothie, which has an outer layer of passion fruit-flavored chewy candy with a mango center, while coconut blends with pineapple centers to create piña colada flavored Hi-Chews, according to the candymaker.

“Being at the forefront of flavor innovation, we saw a great opportunity to take our double-layer appearance one step further for the launch of Fruit Combos,” says Tatsuya Takamiya, Morinaga America CMO. “Tapping into consumers’ excitement for these tropical beverages, our R&D team was able to seamlessly blend two flavors into one chewlet to give consumers a brand new flavor experience.”

Hi-Chew Fruit Combo Mix candies pack in three-ounce peg bags that have a SRP of $2.59. They ship six six-ct displays per case.