Goo Goo Fine Chocolates Debut


Goo Goo Fine Chocolates are a collection of European-style truffles joining the Goo Goo Cluster line.

The truffles feature a crisp chocolate shell over creamy centers and come in five flavors: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Coffee. They are available in the variety assortment packs featuring all five flavors individually wrapped. The packs have an SRP of $15. A Dark Duo pack is also available featuring the two vegan flavors, Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coffee. For the holidays, a red seasonal tin filled with 40 assorted flavors is available with an SRP of $40.

“We are so excited to bring Goo Goo Fine Chocolates to our candy enthusiasts,” says Laurie Spradley, vice-president of operations at Goo Goo Cluster. “Our team has curated these decadent, fine candies to expand our brand, catering to our loyal, longtime customers, and welcoming new enthusiasts, especially with the two vegan flavors.”

In addition to the Goo Goo Fine Chocolates, Goo Goo Cluster now offers a variety of nut flavors, including PB Cup Peanuts, salted peanuts covered in peanut butter and milk chocolate, Double Dark Peanuts, peanuts covered in two layers of dark chocolate, and Crunch Madness, with salty, sweet and tangy flavors mixed in corn sticks, pretzels, crackers and honey-roasted nuts. The new snacks carry an SRP range of $10 to $18.