Grillo’s Pickles, Utz Brands Partner To Launch Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips


Grillo’s Pickles, Inc. is partnering with Utz Brands, Inc. on a limited-time only snack — Grillo’s & Utz Dill Pickle-flavored potato chips. This marks the first collaboration for the duo.

“I would eat Utz chips and a Grillo’s spear while working the pickle cart so to have two of the best snacks available collaborate is a dream come true,” says Eddie Andre, Grillo’s director of brand experience. “The thing about Grillo’s and Utz is that you can’t just have one – they’re way too good! I know when Grillo’s fans and pickle lovers alike try this chip they’re going to go wild for it, and I have no doubt Utz fans will too.

“We are excited to work with Grillo’s Pickles,” says Bill Blubaugh, senior vice-president of marketing and communications at Utz Brands. “As we work to bring innovation and excitement to our brand fans, our new Utz & Grillo’s Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips will deliver with big and bold flavor.”

Utz & Grillo’s Classic Dill Pickle-flavored potato chips are available in 2.625- and 7.75-ounce bags with SRPs of $2.19 and $4.29, respectively.