Hickory Smoked Chips Debut From Low and Slow


Low and Slow Snacks is debuting smoked potato, corn and tortilla chips. The company says the BBQ-flavor chips are hickory smoked and coated in a BBQ rub. Available in three varieties — Hickory Smoked BBQ Potato Chips, Hickory Smoked BBQ Corn Chips, Hickory Smoked Tortilla Chips — the product packs in five- to six-ounce bags that have a matte black finish and feature the slogan “Born In Texas, Devoured Everywhere.”

“I love Texas BBQ, so I’ve always wondered why BBQ snacks only represented BBQ sauce seasoning,” says Jared Drinkwater, Co-Founder and CEO of Low and Slow Snacks. “This is why I set out to make a chip that’s truly authentic to people who know barbecue and the only way to do that is to smoke ‘em.”

It took Drinkwater and his business partner, Mike Zbuchalski, almost four years to develop a novel and proprietary manufacturing process that enabled them to smoke chips at scale. The pair knows a thing or two about salty snacks however, having spent a collective 29 years at Frito-Lay, where Drinkwater ran marketing for brands Like Doritos and Cheetos and Zbuchalski led the salty snack R&D function for the company.

Down the road, Low and Slow plans to bring many more snacks to market. “We’ve smoked every salty snack on the planet,” said Drinkwater, “and they’re all delicious.”

The bags have an SRP of $4.99 and ship in six-ct cases.