Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints Deliver Unique Fizz Sensation


The Hershey Co.’s Ice Breakers brand is debuting Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints, which combine the brand’s classic flavor crystals with an effervescent seltzer sensation.

The mint brings fresh breath with a bubbly fizz and a fusion of flavors, combining the tangy sweetness of raspberry with the zesty burst of lemon.

“We’ve truly pushed the boundaries of refreshment with our Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints,” says Taylor Schwartz, senior associate manager, brand refreshment. “This innovative product delivers a completely new sensorial experience that will redefine consumers’ expectations of mints.”

The product is available in 1.5-ounce packs.