Jelly Belly Debuts Throwback BeanBoozled, Mixed Emotion Collections


Fairfield, CA — Jelly Belly Candy Co. is debuting BeanBoozled Throwback Spinner Gift Boxes and Mixed Emotion assortments, which feature beans paired with an emotion and imprinted with a corresponding face to illustrate the feelings.

BeanBoozled Throwback has “retired” jelly bean flavors from previous editions, along with four pairs currently available in the 4th version. The limited-edition packs includes baby wipes, coconut, rotten egg, buttered popcorn, barf, peach, booger, juicy pear, ear wax, cafe latte, centipede, strawberry jam, black pepper, plum, skunk spray, licorice, moldy cheese, caramel corn, pencil shavings and top banana.

Pack graphics have a ’80s and ’90s retro look with bold colors and geometric shapes and the back of the box features a flavor menu, along with a tray photo and nutritional panel. The 3.5-ounce boxes have a SRP of $6.99 and ship in 12-ct cases.

Mixed Emotions are a five-flavor assortment that includes Happy Lemon, Playful Sour Apple, Grumpy Cinnamon, Sad Berry Blue and Love Orange Crush. The one-ounce packs have a SRP of $1 and ship 30 per case.