Kellanova Adds To Sweet, Savory Snacking Portfolio


Kellanova has expanded it snack portfolio with Pringles Scorchin’ Buffalo that deliver 7,000 Scoville Heat Units for the brand’s hottest variety to date. The 5.5-ounce tubes carry an SRP of $4.29. The company is also adding to its Pringles Harvest Blends range made with multigrains. The Farmhouse Cheddar and Homestyle Ranch varieties are available in 5.5-ounce canisters with an SRP of $4.29.

Joining the Pop-Tarts Bites range is Cinnamon Roll variety. According to the company, the product combines Gen-Z’s favorite sweet snack with the most loved breakfast pastry flavor in a bite-sized format. Reclosable standup pouches hold 3.5 ounces and carry an SRP of $3.29.

Traditional Pop-Tarts are also getting a new flavor — Apple Jacks — based on the breakfast cereal for a warm cinnamon aroma and sweet apple flavor. Two-ct single serve packs carry an SRP of $1.49.

The RXBAR A.M. brand is adding dark chocolate peanut butter featuring a soft and crispy texture, balanced with rich dark chocolate and salty-sweet peanut butter. Each 1.9-ounce bar has 10 grams of protein and carries an SRP of $3.29.

Club Crisps have the same light, flaky, buttery texture of the company’s Club Crackers in a flavored, thinner crisp. The product has no artificial flavors and colors and is available in two varieties — Sea Salt and Ranch. Two-ounce packs have an SRP of $2.79.

Original Homestyle Bars from Rice Krispies Treats are now offered in a 50 percent larger 33-gram size. The bars have an SRP of $2.09.