Little Debbie Brand Adds Birthday Cake Creme Pies


McKee Foods Corp. is adding Little Debbie Birthday Cake Creme Pies to its line. The classic crème-filled cookies are infused with birthday cake flavor and decorated with white icing and topped with colorful candy confetti.

“Our newest creation is inspired by the joy of life’s special moments,” says Erica Cunningham, Little Debbie product manager. “With the Birthday Cake Creme Pies, we wanted to continue to capture the essence of celebration, while offering consumers a sweet reminder that happiness can be found in the simplest moments.”

She adds: “Birthday Cake Creme Pies are sure to speak to those who seek novel flavors from a brand they trust. Perfect for those who opt for a bit of a surprise and delight in their snacking choices, it’s yet another step in our journey to innovate within our product line, while staying true to what our customers love about Little Debbie.”

The product will be available mid-April in eight-ct 12.5-ounce boxes.