Lollipops Have Chewy Candy Centers


by Candy & Snack TODAY

Patriot Pops, debuting under the Tiger Pops brand from Colombina S.A., are watermelon-flavored lollipops with a strawberry-flavored chewy center. The pops’ wrappers feature American flag designs and come in 12-ounce red, white and blue laydown bags. With a SRP of $2.29, they ship in 24-ct displays and 48-ct shippers. Holding an assortment of watermelon, mango and passion fruit pops with bubble gum centers, the company’s Bon Bon Boom Tropical Splash Pops come in bags holding 15 percent more product than previous options, the company reports. With a SRP of $2.19, the 12-ounce packs ship 24 per case. Developed for parties and filling piñatas, four-pound Fun Mix packs feature lollipops, hard candies, filled candies, liquid-filled chewy candies, bubble gum-filled pops and chewy candies and have a SRP of $7. Fun Mix Pop Madness packs hold 3.67-pounds of assorted Tiger and Bon Bon Boom pops and carry a SRP of $7.99. Both packs ship eight per case.