Mars Unveils Line Extensions At NACS 2022


At this year’s NACS Show, Mars, Inc. showcased new products from a range of its brands.

The company has added a new variety to its Twix and Milky Way lines: cookie dough. 

The flavor pairs milk chocolate-coated Twix cookie bars with a cookie dough-flavored layer and chocolate cookie bits sprinkled throughout. Milky Way Cookie Dough combines cookie dough-flavored nougat with caramel and chocolate in either a single or share size bar.

The Twix bars will be available in a 1.36-ounce single size, a 2.72-ounce share size and a 9.7-ounce minis standup pouch. 

The company is also offering limited edition pink lemonade flavored Extra brand gum. Available through 2025, each pack contains 15 sticks of gum and is sugar free. 

Skittles Gummies feature the brand’s original round shape and flavors with a soft chew. The candy is available in strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange and grape flavors as well as a Wild Berry variety.

Starburst Airs are an aerated gummi candy featuring an inflated, fluffy texture. Available in original and sour tropical packs, the gummies pack in 4.3-ounce pouches.