McKee Foods Reveals Spring Little Debbie Collection


McKee Foods Corp. is adding two items to its Little Debbie spring lineup.

Little Debbie Spring Mini Donuts are cake donuts in a miniature form. The brand’s signature cake donuts are adorned with light yellow icing and topped with whimsical pink and blue sugar crystals.

Little Debbie Lemon Spring Mini Muffins are a harmony of tangy and sweet. The conveniently sized muffins have bright citrus notes and the aroma of lemon in soft, spongy Mini Muffins.

These two new offerings will be available starting late March 2024, joining the family of Little Debbie Spring items including Big Pack Spring Party Cakes, Blooming Spring Brownies, Butterfly Cakes, and Mother’s Day cakes.

“At McKee Foods, we believe every bite should be a moment of enjoyment, and these new additions perfectly embody that philosophy” says Snigdha Sewlikar, product development manager.

Janice Cornett, designer & creative services specialist, adds: “Our goal was to capture the freshness and liveliness of spring. Incorporating vibrant colors, cheerful touches of sunshine, and flowers, we aimed to reflect the brightness associated with the season. These elements not only enhance the visual appeal but also make the product photography stand out, providing shoppers with an enticing preview of the product right in the grocery aisle.”