Morinaga Introduces Hi-Chew Bites


Hi-Chew Bites are new from Morinaga America, Inc. The 2.12-ounce packs hold an assortment of mango, green apple and strawberry chewy candies in an unwrapped format. The company says this is the first time the product has been offered in this format, designed for grab-and-go consumption.

The unwrapped chewlets are coated in a plant-derived powder that helps to keep the them from sticking together without compromising the chewy texture, according to the company.

“Our brand fans have been requesting a version of Hi-Chew that is easily accessible and can be eaten on-the-go,” says Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), chief representative for the USA & president, CEO of Morinaga America. “Now, Hi-Chew Bites gives consumers that option. They can easily grab a handful of chewlets at once or pick out their favorite flavor to easily pop into their mouth. With the expansive Hi-Chew product line-up, there is an option for everyone, no matter their product preferences.”

The company notes the product contains no colors from synthetic sources and is gluten-free. The packs have an SRP of $1.99.