Nassau Expands In Old Markets, Breaks Into New Ones


Nassau Candy Distributors, Inc. is entering into the jawbreaker market with its Clever Candy Jawbreaker Collection. The collection includes half-inch, one-inch, 1.25-inch, and 2.25-inch diameter jawbreakers in several varieties including Sizzling Cinnamon, Rainbow, and Psychedelic. The Rainbow Jawbreakers come in a variety of bright colors and flavors, including lemon, orange, cherry, lime, and grape. The company also added individually wrapped Clever Comet Crusher Giant Jawbreakers, measuring four inches in diameter with an SRP of $12.99.

The company also updated the look for Nassau’s flagship chocolate brand Nancy Adams. The new packaging features text and graphics in a rich brown, reflecting the brand’s roots in chocolate, paired with lime green, light yellow, teal, peach, and purple to give the product “a pop of fresh, new color,” according to the company. 

Nassau also debuts Nancy Adams’ single-serve packs designed to meet consumers’ desire to balance indulgence and an active lifestyle, according to Marketing and Communications Manager Heather Mayer. Additionally, Director of Brand Strategy Dana Rodio points out that the single-serve cookies are “an excellent choice for shoppers or retailers who do not want to buy or sell the product in bulk.” The Nancy Adams single-serve items have an SRP of $1.99. 

Nancy Adams Cookie Bites are offered in the following varieties: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, M&M’s, birthday cake, and lemon. These cookies are the first baked goods for the Nancy Adams line and come in crispy and chewy varieties. 

The chocolate chip variety are crisp cookies with a milk chocolate drizzle; the oatmeal variety features chewy oatmeal raisin cookies with a dark chocolate drizzle; the birthday cake variety features crisp cookies enveloped in white chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles; the lemon variety are tart-flavored and topped with white lemon drizzle; and the M&M’s variety features crispy cookies studded with M&M’s Minis. 

Along with Cookie Bites, Nassau is adding more chocolate items to its tub line, which features some of the company’s bulk chocolate items packed in clear, acetate tubs. New items in this collection include milk chocolate-covered raisins, dark chocolate-covered raisins, jumbo milk chocolate malt balls, milk chocolate nonpareils, dark chocolate-covered cashews, milk chocolate pretzel poppers, yogurt-covered raisins, milk chocolate mini sandwich cookies, and milk chocolate-covered banana chips. 

Under its AmuseMints brand, the company debuts a 2024 Election Collection, featuring this year’s presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Each candidate’s campaign slogan is on the packaging of the 1.75-ounce milk chocolate bars, and 0.56-ounce slider mint tins have patriotic themes of red, white, and blue. 

Additionally, there is an illustrated “Trump Return to Greatness” on the three-ounce milk chocolate bars and 0.56 oz slider mint tins, as well “Biden 2024” on 0.56 oz Slider Mint Tins. Both feature illustrations of Trump and Biden. 

The company also unveils Trump Vs. Biden 1.75-ounce milk chocolate bars, featuring a color illustration of boxers fighting, one side featuring Trump’s campaign logo with Biden’s “Let’s Finish The Job” on the other. 

“It’s all very light-hearted and playful, nothing hard-hitting,” Rodio says. “We have no political affiliation. We just know people will enjoy having this in our stores.” 

The 1.75-ounce bars have an SRP of $3, the three-ounce bars have an SRP of $6.25, and the slider mint tins have an SRP of $3.25. They ship in 24-ct displays.