Opopop Debuts Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups


Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups from Opopop are popcorn kernels paired with flavoring that can be made in the microwave. Each 40 gram unit makes about five cups of popped corn. It is available in four flavors — butter-flavored Like Buddahh, Vanilla Vanilla, Salty Caramel and Lightly Salted.

The product can be purchased online at opopop.com with an SRP of $19.99 for 12 cups and an SRP of $29.99 for 12 cups and a popper.

“Here at Opopop, we are on a mission to reinvent America’s favorite snack. By combining unexpected flavor profiles with new ways to pop, we are creating a popcorn revolution,” says Sarah McDowell, president of Opopop. “Peel + Pour was born to make snacking more interactive, delicious and desirable, and we believe we have done just that. After a rewarding first year, and 100,000 lbs of handmade popcorn later, we’re ecstatic to start 2022 with the launch of our Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups on National Popcorn Day.”