Ooze Chewz Joins Warheads Family

OnDemand ForWeb72Janesville, WI — Impact Confections, Inc. is expanding its Warheads brand with the launch of Ooze Chewz, which puts the signature brand’s sour into the center of sanded chewy bites and ropes candy. 

“Filled licorice and chewy candy has seen huge growth in the past year. Building on that trend, we saw an opportunity to bring more excitement to the category with Ooze Chewz. We’ve developed a custom filling that delivers the sour that Warheads fanatics know and love,” says Paul Henderson, head of sales & marketing at Impact Confections. 

Ooze Chewz are launching in ropes and bites, with the ropes being offered in three favors — blue raspberry, watermelon and green apple. They pack in three-ounce peg bags with a SRP of $1.59. The Ooze Chewz bites come in six fruity flavors — mango, strawberry, blue raspberry, black cherry, watermelon and green apple. They are available in 1.76-ounce sachet packs and 3.5-ounce theater boxes with SRPs of 99 cents and $1.49, respectively.