Parma! Adds Nut-Free Products To Dairy-Free Parmesan Line


Sister River Foods has introduced a line of entirely nut-free products from its dairy-free parmesan alternative brand Parma!.

Available in 3.5-ounce and seven-ounce jars, the line is available in two flavors: jalapeno bacon and garlic basil. 

Both products replace walnuts with organic pumpkin seeds, a natural source of L-arginine. In addition, pumpkin seeds are are rich in essential minerals and are food allergy friendly, according to the company.  

“Parma! fans have been asking us to create a nut-free line for quite a while and after taking the time necessary to formulate the tastiest and most nutritious products possible, we think our new jalapeno bacon and garlic basil flavors will soon become consumer favorites,” Sister River Foods CEO Shannon Schnibbe says. “We look forward to a successful launch of our new nut-free products and to adding additional flavors to the line in the near future.”