Peanuts Bar Sets Feature Travel Theme

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Astor Chocolate releasing three-bar sets featuring characters from Peanuts and a travel theme, the company reports.

Peanuts Happiness Is . . . sets featuring characters Charlie Brown and Lucy with packed suitcases, and Snoopy at the beach, on the streets of New York City or sitting on a pile of luggage. Each set holds three 1.75-ounce bars made with Belgian chocolate in milk, dark and milk toffee crunch varieties. The sets have a SRP of $11.99.

The candymaker is also leveraging the Peanuts Happiness Is . . . license for multicount packs holding three three-ounce bars. Each unit includes Charlie Brown dark chocolate sea salt bars, Lucy milk chocolate s’more bars and Snoopy milk chocolate bars. The multipacks, which feature Belgian chocolate, have a SRP of $13.99.

Additionally, one-pound solid milk chocolate bars are available with the Peanuts license. Made with Belgian chocolate, packs feature the entire range of characters from the series and have a SRP of $18.99.