Pica Mix, Caramel Cravings Available From Canel’s


Pica Mix is new from Canel’s USA LLC. The mix features an assortment of soft and hard candy lollipops and starch gummies coated with hot pepper-flavored sugar. Laydown bags contain 10 ounces of candy and have a flame-shaped window and flame designs with images of the lollipops and gummies. The bags have an SRP of $2.99 and ship in 12-ct cases.

Caramel Cravings are also new from the company. The assorted soft milk candies are available in coconut-caramel, chocolate-caramel, caramel, coffee and pecan flavors. Brown window bags feature an image of the candies being drizzled with caramel and contain five ounces of product. Each bag has an SRP of $1.29 and ships in 12-ct cases.