Popcornopolis, Takis Launch New Fuego Popcorn Offering


Popcornopolis has partnered with Barcel USA’s Takis brand to create a new popcorn offering, Popcornopolis Takis Fuego.

According to the company, the snack is made with 100 percent American-grown corn and popped in coconut oil.

“Popcornopolis is all about delivering wildly delicious flavors and bringing a pop of joy to our consumers,” says Daniela Simpson, CMO of Popcornopolis. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Takis, expanding our flavor profiles with such an iconic brand and reaching new audiences, while providing even more consumers with a sense of delight.”

The snack is seasoned with a combination of hot chili pepper and lime, dusted across Non-GMO corn. It will be packaged in Popcornopolis’ signature cones and feature bright purple and red branding.

“At Takis, we’re always looking for new ways to disrupt the salty snacking category, and collaborating with one of the fastest-growing popcorn brands at grocery and mass retail makes Popcornopolis the ideal partner,” says Sandra Kirkpatrick, marketing director of salty snacks for Barcel USA. “With unique packaging and even more Fuego seasoning in each bite, we are excited to innovate in a way that we know our consumers will love.”

Popcornopolis will also be working with influencers to create unique recipes and content tied to the overarching theme of “Make Your Taste Buds Pop.” The popcorn will be available on popcornopolis.com with an SRP range of $4.98 to $5.99.