Pouches Hold Meltable Snacking Chocolate

SoChatti is featuring pouches of melted chocolate made with just three ingredients. According to the company, its manufacturing process delivers a unique depth of flavor, and the product is vegan, as well as nut-, gluten- and soy-free. The single-origin liquid chocolate is available in Delicate Trinidad, Complex Peru, Crisp Tanzania and Rich Honduras varieties. 

The product comes in eight-ounce nozzled pouches with a piping tip to dispense product for use in baking, drizzling onto snacks and eating, and 0.8-ounce to-go packs. The product can be melted or eaten as a solid. To-go pouches carry an SRP of $17.95 for a 10 pack, while larger packs have an SRP of $19.95. Both ship in four-ct cases.