Several Snacks Return From Mackie International


Mackie International, Inc. makes available Jolly Jelly jars, mesh bags, and jelly giants under the Snowtime brand. The gelatin snacks include bits of coconut and come in grape, strawberry, apple and mango flavors. Each clear plastic jar contains 38 individual gelatin cups and features the Jolly logo with illustrations of a grape, strawberry, apple and mango. The jars have an SRP of $6.99 and ship in six-ct displays. Red mesh bags include 10 units with the same artwork on a cardboard label. They carry an SRP of $1.99 and ship in 16-ct displays. Jelly Giants contain seven ounces of the gelatin, have an SRP of 99 cents and ship in 24-ct master cases.

Ice Poppers also return under the Smart Ice brand. The wedge-shaped ice pops are available in blue raspberry and strawberry flavors. Blue boxes feature images of the pops and the Smart Ice logo and include four of each flavor. The boxes have an SRP of $3.99 and ship in 10-ct display cases.

Snowtime brand are also available Chili Pops. The spicy ice pops come in lemon-lime, mango, watermelon and pineapple flavors. Red and yellow bags contain six assorted pops and feature images of the included flavors. The bags have an SRP of $1.75 and ship in 20-ct cases.

Berry Cool Kids Drinks come in clear eight-ounce bottles in lemon, grape, fruit punch and orange flavors. Trays contain 20 bottles in an assortment of flavors and have an SRP of $17.99. The product ships in 20-ct cases.