Slime Licker Product Design Updated


Candy Dynamics has officially relaunched its TikTok-viral liquid candy as Slime Licker 2.0.

“The rollerball category is pretty much being eliminated by the Center for Public Safety Excellence,” Marketing Manager Haley Peyron says. “Our product got recalled because we’re the big name in the category. Even though there was never any issue with our product specifically, unfortunately we got dragged into it.”

Following months of research and development, the two-ounce, patent-pending bottle design eliminates the rollerball of the previous iteration while keeping the same flavors: strawberry and blue razz. The 12-ct display configuration will also remain the same and each unit will have an SRP of $2.49. 

After the initial recall, Peyron explains that the company went to work immediately on the new design to ensure a product that’s totally unique without running into any issues of knockoffs in the category or additional recalls. 

“Now it is one single piece that clicks in so then when you squeeze the sides, liquid comes out the top,” she describes. “If anything, it’s easier to eat now and is an even better experience for the consumer. We now have a better and stronger product as a result.”