Spicy Peppers Inspire BeanBoozled Fiery Five

OnDemand ForWeb72

Featuring jelly beans that emulate spicy peppers including sriracha, jalapeño, cayenne, habanero and Carolina Reaper, Jelly Belly Candy Co. is debuting BeanBoozled Fiery Five in a myriad of pack formats.

The candymaker notes the jelly beans get progressively hotter, and packaging features a flavor guide highlighting Carolina Reaper as the spiciest in the assortment.

BeanBoozled Fiery Five is available in 1.6-ounce boxes, which have a SRP of $2.49 and ship two 24-ct displays per cases; 1.9-ounce bags that retail for $2.99 and ship 12 per case; 2.5-ounce spinner gift boxes, which have a SRP of $7.49 and ship in 12-ct cases; and 3.36-ounce tins with a spin wheel on top, which ship eight per case and have a SRP of $11.99, Jelly Belly reports.