Stuffed Puffs Easter Line Features Hershey’s Jolly Rancher Brand


Stuffed Puffs LLC is adding egg-shaped marshmallows with Jolly Rancher sour candy filling under a licensing agreement with The Hershey Co. The product is available in Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Watermelon flavors, marking the company’s first foray into sour candy. The launch represents Stuffed Puffs moving beyond classic chocolate-filled offerings.

“Partnering with The Hershey Company to incorporate the Jolly Rancher brand and flavors with our brand has allowed us to craft an incredibly fun Easter treat,” says Michael Tierney, CEO of Stuffed Puffs. “The sour blue raspberry and sour watermelon flavors add a playful, sour punch to our beloved marshmallows. These innovations are an exciting new frontier in candy fillings for Stuffed Puffs and open up a new world of possibilities for our future growth.”