Tastykake Debuts Easter 2023 Line


Flowers Foods, Inc. is offering four items in its 2023 Easter line. Each of the items features packaging with seasonal graphics.

Classic Tastykake Buttercrème Cupcakes are chocolate cake with a crème filling topped with buttercreme icing. Six-ct 14.25-ounce packs carry an SRP of $4.69.

Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes feature a chocolate coating that covers a peanut butter and cake center. Eight-ounce boxes hold six individually wrapped cakes and carry an SRP of $4.69.

Hippity Hops are dark chocolate-coated cakes with a coconut filling. Boxes hold six 1.3-ounce cakes and have an SRP of $4.69.

Easter Snowballs have purple coconut and marshmallow covering chocolate cakes with crème filling. Two-ct 4.25-ounce packs have an SRP of $2.29.